Lag met ‘n traan…

My eerste kennismaking met skoolkinders in 2008 was vir my baie traumaties… Ek is tydelik aangestel in iemand se plek wat op kraamverlof was, en een van die eerste dinge wat ek moes doen was om ‘n projek oor ‘Uitsterwing van diere’  te merk wat sy opgestel het. Ek kon nie my oë glo oor die taalgebruik van die kinders nie, wat staan nog hulle kennis.

Hulle moes basies navorsing doen oor ‘n dier wat uitgesterf het (eie keuse dier), en moes dan ‘n reeks vrae beantwoord uit die navorsing.

Lag met ‘n traan… want dis ons toekomstige parlementslede, dokters, prokureurs, ensovoorts waarvan ons hier praat!

Lees ook oor ander Wetenskaplike ontdekkings uit my klas.


Projek – Uitsterwing van diere

 When did  the animal die out and why?

  • This animal die out in 1877. The first diplodocus ( a dinosaur) bones were found in the ground. It die by fainting.

 What would you think would have happened if this animal did not die out?

  • Not would happened a diplodocus is not a danager animal, but if you look at it you can be afraid.

 What role would it have played in the circle of life?

  • Nothing would have happened or roll it would have played. Diplodocus is a kind animals that doesn’t eat people at eat only plants

Are there still animals today that is threatened to become extinct because of humans, what can we do to prevent it?

  • Yes, we must start finding the animals well like ourselves so that they can also sleep full.
  • Kill them
  • Yes the are and we can help this animals by changing our infractracture and building on a country that doent dipend on word mostly
  • Yes the white rhino they are hunted because of their tusks called ivory ivory is worth alot of money and we can help them by say if you are caugth shooting rhino’s your will die
  • Yes ferst of all we can start carry for thees animals and start thinking less about ourself’s because we don’t carry about the global warming and that why we must do so. Think about nation and nation is going to thingk about you …
  • Yes, I think we should stop them from doing it or stop the company if they don’t want to stop will ask the prents if would we kill them because they are killing the bears and elephant of hungery I think we must do so and they will stop cutting out trees.
  • Yes! Give the animals food an water to savaeve. Make them to live a happy life.
  • Yes! Their are animals that are threatened by the human, because the humans eat meat alot to prevent this issue we have to be vegetreans.
  • No life today there no animals that are threat in the life for today. Some animals are. But no now there’s nothing prevent this because people are safe.
  • The dodo bird is going to be extinct. We can prevent it by giving them enough food I think.
  • Yes, there to keep them away you just don’t go to the animals and make sure you dont have wild animals around you and you family.
  • No because the should olready change. Most of animals cant change to human because the only thing that change it was amarkey the is nothing alls it is going to chang.
  • The are animals that want to become humans because people like going to the forest then the animals see them having fun, laughing etc that is why.

Uit hulle eksamenvraestel:

Voltooi:  Die vel is verantwoordelik vir die uitskeiding van …… (3)  (Enige drie van die volgende – water, minerale soute, ureum, hitte)

  • diabetes and diuresis
  • bones and blood
  • kidneys
  • urine
  • uterus
  • germs and carbon dioxide
  • swity, hot and cold
  • sweat-pore, sweat-duct and sweat-gland
  • colour, sun and feelings
  • movement
  • Nikleus,
  • Sweetbuis, haar
  • Live, healf and beaf
  • Oil and dirt
  • Hair, pond and duce
  • Lotion
  • Urethra
  • Sun heat, protects wats inside and keeping everything in place
  • Herm, it creat and function
  • Lungs, heart and veins
  • Lungs, bones
  • Infection, deseases and pimples
  • Oxygen, bones
  • Blood, hear and body
  • Blood, meet and veins
  • Bodymaterial, blood and vessels
  • Covering the body and of making it warm
  • Utear, waste and product
  • Filtation and reabsortion
  • Human, body and blood system
  • Blood, kidney and veins
  • Kos
  • Bakterie
  • Wate en hutte
  • The stomach and intestines
  • Nerves, kidneys and urine
  • Blood, sweat and tears
  • Diaree, siektes en virusse
  • Vuilgoed en kieme
  • Water, stof en klippe
  • Blood vessel, heart and hypertention
  • Sweet, water en vylafskydings
  • Sweet, sure en afval bloed
  • Blood, sweat and stink
  • Process, in life and the human body

 Write down the function of the following:

  • Cell wall – The plant cell  is surrounded by animals

Nov 2010 Eksamen vraestel

 Madam has an aquarium with tropical fish in the class. It is time to clean the container and she has to catch all the fish and place it temporarily in another bowl. However, she experiences a problem to catch the fish with her net. Every time that she scoops, she misses, because the fish is not in the place where it seems to be. Explain what is happening. (3)

  •  The water is sending madam a telegram or the fish and she is dilusional.
  • Mam was supose to make sure that there is water bowl on the side and do this at home not at school.
  • The net is giving off the fish because the rod has a non-contact force with the water.
  • The net has hole it not going to be in the right place everytime.
  • The fish is repelled to the net because if the net comes closer the fish moves away.
  • The glass is big so the fish have the freedom to move around freely and the net might be big or small and the fish moves through the holes.
  • Madam’s force to the fishs but the water moves to the force that was applied
  • When she scoops force is applied into the water therefore it will change the movement of the fish giving it more endurance to escape the net
  • The light that reflects to her eyes has a different mass to the one that’s in the bowl. White light is going through her eyes and there’s different light on the bowl.
  • The bowl was empty there were’nt any fishes in there that made her misses every fish she catches.
  • Die Juffrou kan nie vissies mooi gesien het nie want die water was baie veil gewees en daar het veil goed rond gedryf toe het sy gedink dit was die vissies gewees.
  • As jy dur water en die kas kyk dan skyf die visse want die water beweeg dan lyk dit of die visse beweeg.
  • Want die klas is dik en die lig wat daarop skyn ontbreuk die lig se pad en dit word ligbreuking genoem. (Het ‘n punt verdien vir ‘ligbreuking’!!!)
  • Die net vorm ‘n skaduwee en die vissie soek skadu, so dan swem hy agter die net en nie voor die net.
  • Die akali op die  vistenk maak die visse op ‘n ander plek lyk.
  • It may be the speed or the slipperiness of the fish.
  • She loss a balance and the fish change the place that ifs stand in.
  • Because the light is not shining on the fish scales, therefore the fish scales don’t reflect light and that’s why it can’t be seen
  • The fish is running around the water and the fish live in the water.
  • She must pore a little of the food at the side where the net is placed.
  • It might be because of the fish are to fast for her or the force is’nt great enife
  • There is a hole in the net
  • She has to put on chemical energy so she can catch the fishs. I think she must put food seeds so it can keep them busy.
  • There is not much energy in the fish and the water does not have enough oxygen.
  • I don’t know whats happening. Only you can tell me.
  • When the madam try to catch the fish it change another direction and it moves too fast so it means that madam is to slow.

 Plan an experiment to determine whether the gas that is given off when pieces of marble (CaCO3) reacts with diluted hydrochloric acid (HCl) is carbon dioxide (CO2). Your report must contain a purpose, hypothesis, apparatus and a method.  (4) (Dis nou nadat hulle PRESIES ingelig is dat ek hierdie spesifieke eksperiment in die eksamen gaan vra wat ons in die klas gedoen het)

  •  Method you must separate first then you mix the hydrochloric with hypothesis. 
  • It is given in pieces of marble because it cannot be given in one piece if given in one piece the gas won’t work correctly or won’t have the right hypothesis.
  •  The marbles will react in extinction given by the gas (CaCO3) and acid (HCL) (CaCO3) will not mix with (HCL) in result there will be a change of form from the marble.
  •  The gas that gives pieces of marbe CaCO3 is the diluted hydrochloric because is become warm on that time and the hydrochloric is the gas that can give enough energy on that CaCO3 and the purpose is that the hydrochloric is not working.
  •  The hydrocholic acid has a much better apparatus and purpose the marble piece will only contain Ca reactions and contain a bigger hypothesis
  •  How bout an example of such or a clue!!!!!
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8 thoughts on “Lag met ‘n traan…

  1. Jy sê dis ons toekoms se leiers die? My hart wil gaan staan as ek dit sien.

  2. As ons nou die hipotyese en die kinders. meng en ‘n bietjie marble en hydocloric acid bygooi, kry die kinders dalk bietjie hulle marbles wat hulle verloor het weer almal terug!

  3. hipotese – lyk my my marbles is ook weg….

  4. En as die knders meer marbles het, is daar dalk minder gaswisseling by die juffrou…..

  5. theresa

    van theresa, ” Ek like dit kwaai oor ‘n 100. Ek het nou baie lekker gelag. Die trane het geloop.

  6. Dit is horibaal. My girl is ook ‘n juffie, gee Afr en LO (Nie daai tipe wat jy met ‘n bal gespeel het nie).
    Sy vertel my gereeld van die kinders se toetse en eksamens, Graad 8 en 9 leerlinge. Dit is pateties wat in hulle koppe aangaan. Die laaste LO toets het AL die kinders gedruip, en dit na sy ook gesê het wat is belangrik om te leer (en te verstaan) vir die toets. Wat die kinders wel goed kan doen = kak aanjaag en kinders maak.

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